The Symphony Orchestra in Jelenia Góra was established in 1964 at the initiative of Stefan Strahl and teachers from the State School of Music. On 20 April 1964, Stefan Strahl first appeared as the conductor of an inaugural concert. Soloists then included Regina Siemieńska, Antoni Bogucki and Małgorzata Latoś. Despite a warm reception, questions were raised over the musical stamina of enthusiasts. Similar groups appeared in Jelenia Góra previously, but were short-lived.

In 1966, the Jelenia Góra orchestra received its first subsidy through a decision of the Provincial National Council Presidium. Numerous financial-organisational problems, however, continued to persist. Initial activity was therefore not easy, yet the energy and determination of the conductor and musicians began to produce results with time. The orchestra performed more than 30 concerts annually, expanded its repertoire with increasingly ambitious works, and also featured the most outstanding Polish soloists among its guest performers.
In March 1974, the Public Symphony Orchestra in Jelenia Góra played the music of Chopin and Moniuszko to inaugurate the city's first ever concert hall named after Ludomir Różycki at 22 lipca Street, currently Piłsudskiego 60. This ceremony, which was attended by the daughter of composer Krystyna Różycka-Morawiec, coincided with the orchestra's 10th anniversary. Two years later, the orchestra obtained the status of a State Symphony Orchestra. Stefan Strahl became its director and artistic manager, whereas Elżbieta Czerwińska was its administrative director who in December 1980 was succeeded by Helena Stańczyk. So began the history of this now professional group. Changes were made to the system of rehearsals, concert norms and remuneration. Efforts continued to consistently expand the repertoire, render the concert offer more attractive, as well as to appear with the best artists.

The State Symphony Orchestra gained new status in 1989 when it commenced activity as the L. Różycki State Philharmonic in Jelenia Góra. Zuzanna Dziedzic became its director one year later and continues to hold this post. Ten years later, the Lower Silesia provincial assembly adopted a resolution approving new by-laws and a new name for the Philharmonic in Jelenia Góra, which from that moment was and continues to be called the Lower Silesia Philharmonic in Jelenia Góra.